What Every IRA Owner Should Know About Roth IRAs and Roth IRA Conversions


This is my classic Roth IRA workshop. If you have an IRA or retirement plan, you and your family could benefit significantly by using the techniques in this DVD.


“CPA and attorney Jim Lange* provides a road map for tax-efficient retirement and estate planning.”
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How Married Couples Can Combine Optimal Roth IRA
Conversion Planning, Appropriate Trusts, and Low-Cost
Index Funds to Cut Taxes and Preserve Wealth?
Combined with low-cost index investing, these proven strategies could add

hundreds of thousands of dollars to your retirement nest egg.

The biggest and most common mistake married IRA owners make is not optimizing their Roth IRA conversion possibilities. It’s not rocket science, but it’s not a guessing game either. We found that there is a mathematical solution individual to each client that will maximize the value of your IRA and retirement plan for you and your heirs. Hint: The optimal plan is most likely a series of Roth conversions over a number of years to keep you in
a lower tax bracket. Combine optimal Roth conversion and Social Security strategies and the difference could measure in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Trusts are the most misunderstood area of estate planning. There are critical decisions regarding trusts that all married IRA and retirement plan owners must make. Unfortunately, this planning is done wrong much more than it is done right. Learn how to get it right.

Many families are not taking advantage of critical strategies like Roth IRA conversions and the “apply and suspend” technique to optimize their Social Security benefits. In addition, they are still using active money managers or investing in actively traded mutual funds instead of using low cost index funds to reduce their investment expenses and increase their return.

Are YOU one of those IRA or retirement plan owners who have not optimized your Roth IRA conversion strategy? Are you aware of all your options for collecting Social Security? Does your estate plan have properly drafted trusts?

Chart2.jpgChart Assumptions:
• Spouses were born on 1/1/1952. Projections start 1/1/2014 (when they are 62);
• 6% rate of return / 3% rate of inflation / PA inheritance tax rate is 15%;
• Living expenses are $75,000 adjusted annually;
• In the SS at 62 scenario, the couple receives $28,422 at age 62.
• In the SS at 70 scenario, the wealthier partner receives maximum SS benefits of $41,226 at age 70 plus COLAs. The less wealthy spouse takes a spousal benefit at 66 of $15,616 plus COLAs;
• Account balances are $400,000 of after-tax assets & $700,000 in a Traditional IRA;
• Roth IRA conversions were completed in the following sequences: $50,000
annually in years 2014-2017; $35,000 annually in years 2018-2019.

The Key to a Financially Secure Retirement for Life: A Tale of Two Couples

There were two married couples with identical financial resources. Both couples had the same amount of money, identical investments, identical taxes, and identical earnings history for Social Security purposes.

The first couple didn’t engage in any proactive planning. The second couple followed the advice offered in this workshop. Making reasonable projections, the first couple (see graph) runs out of money in 28 years while the second couple has $1.4 million dollars and their portfolio continues to increase.

Why the life-changing difference? The first couple began taking Social Security at age 62, and they didn’t make any Roth IRA conversions.

The second couple used our preferred “apply and suspend” technique for Social Security and they also optimized their Roth IRA conversion strategy.

If you have an IRA or retirement plan worth $100,000 or more, you and your family could gain $1,000,000. We’ll explain how!

A Roth IRA conversion requires paying taxes now on a portion of your IRA or retirement plan. That may seem counterintuitive. But, look at the big picture. The new Roth IRA will grow income tax-free for the rest of your life, your spouse’s life, your kid’s lives, and even your grandkid’s lives. The real eye-opener, however, is that Roth IRA conversions are great for older IRA owners, regardless of the benefits to future generations.

Roth IRA conversions for married couples protect women who are likely to live longer and will be faced with higher tax brackets as singles if their husband predeceases them. Properly applying Roth IRA conversion strategies will improve the quality of life for you and your family.

With a Roth conversion, you are buying out Uncle Sam, your IRA partner. After Uncle Sam is bought out, all future profits go to the family without any future income taxes.

During this information-packed DVD, we present objective peer reviewed analysis and cutting-edge tax strategies to help you get even more tax benefits from a Roth IRA conversion. We examine the question
of when to take Social Security and whether the “apply and suspend” strategy is for you in conjunction with optimal Roth IRA conversion planning.

The result could be tens of thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands or even a million dollars more purchasing power for you and your family.

This is my classic Roth IRA workshop.  If you have an IRA or retirement plan, you and your family could benefit significantly by using the techniques in this DVD.  In fact, I used to charge $10,000 to present this same information to financial advisors.