Using Nobel Prize Research to Maximize Your Investment Return James Lange

Using Nobel Prize Research to Maximize Your Investment Return



In this CD, investment expert and author Paul Merriman, joins Jim to offer perspectives on index investing in general, and Dimensional Fund Advisors in particular. Paul has written numerous books on personal investing, including the classic, Financial Fitness Forever, and most recently, a series of free eBooks on investing. Money magazine cited his podcast, “Sound Investing for Excellence,” and he’s also a Retire Mentor and regular columnist for The Wall Street Journal’s “MarketWatch” blog. It’s always interesting when Paul and Jim get together and we know you will enjoy this CD and learn a lot!

Topics Covered:

  1. Guest Introduction: Paul Merriman, Retired Financial Advisor & Author
  2. Why is Education Important for the Investing Public?
  3. Resources for the Investor
  4. Comparing Dimensional Fund Advisors to Vanguard
  5. Differences in Portfolio Construction
  6. Diversification within Fixed Income Classes and Bonds
  7. Eugene Fama and the Nobel Prize for Financial Economics