New Estate Planning Strategies for Same-Sex Couples with IRAs and Retirement Plans


New thinking about estate planning after a series of changes in federal and state laws is essential to protect and provide for yourself and your partner. Learn what you need to know in this highly specialized DVD.”


Who Says You Can’t Control From the Grave?
How Same-Sex Couples Can Use Trusts to Protect Themselves and Their Families.

The new laws allow for much more favorable treatment of IRAs and retirement plans. This workshop will start with what pro-active steps you can take to protect your partner/spouse and other heirs.

We will also delve into estate planning and the use of trusts. Of particular interest in same-sex relationships are establishing trusts when the underlying assets are IRAs and retirement plans. Total Return Trusts allow flexibility in naming beneficiaries and can protect your surviving partner for his or her life. We will cover Total Return Trusts and their alternatives.

Frequently, special family circumstances make trusts appropriate for your heirs. Minors, spendthrifts, special-needs beneficiaries, and family members with drug or alcohol addiction are often great reasons to draft
trusts. We will help you identify the relevant factors in deciding whether a trust is appropriate and, if it is, how to combine the benefits of a trust to get it right.

Should Same-Sex Couples Plan to Avoid Probate?

There are definite pros and cons to avoiding probate. Avoiding probate minimizes delays and paperwork and is less expensive for your heirs. The main way to avoid probate is through the use of a revocable or living trust.

Simply establishing a trust is not sufficient. A trust needs to be funded to serve its purpose. Funding a trust often means transferring certain assets like investments and even your house into the trust. These transfers take time and money. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? It isn’t a slam dunk “yes” every time. Jim Lange will explain these topics and more in this workshop specifically designed with same-sex couples in mind.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

     • New strategies for the best way to handle IRAs and retirement plans if you are in a committed same-sex relationship.
• Total-Return Trusts for same-sex couples and their alternatives.
• Trusts as beneficiaries of your IRA or retirement plans, whether this planning is appropriate for you, and how it can be done.
• Avoiding probate: Should non-traditional couples plan to avoid probate?
• Trusts for minors: “Sorry my dear, no Ferrari for you at 21!”
• Trusts for special-needs heirs.
• Spendthrift trusts: how to protect challenging adults from themselves and their creditor