Following an Effiecient Strategy Produces Dividends James Lange

Following an Efficient Strategy Produces Dividends



For decades, financial advisors and mutual fund managers have focused primarily on outperforming various stock market indices. Moving forward, especially in the area of retirement planning, more attention is being paid to other factors that have been shown to individually and collectively provide better returns over the long run. This new measurement tool is referred to as Gamma.

During an information packed hour with new ideas and index investing strategies, P.J. and Jim discuss the elements of this new measurement tool, Gamma. For insights into how Gamma can make investing and retirement planning more successful for you, and your family Jim offers this bonus CD as a part of the Best Deal of All.

Topics Covered:

  1. Guest Introduction: P.J. DiNuzzo, CPA, PFS®, AIF®, MBA, MSTx
  2. Introducing Gamma
  3. The Bucket Analysis
  4. Other Key Aspects of the Gamma Strategy
  5. Tax Efficiency as Part of Your Financial Strategy
  6. Morningstar and Defining “Liability Relative Asset Allocation Optimization”