Cut Taxes on Your IRA Withdrawals More Money for You and for Your Heirs James Lange

Cut Taxes on Your IRA Withdrawals: More Money for You and for Your Heirs


My classic IRA workshop reveals the most important things you need to know about IRAs, Social Security, Roth IRA conversions, and the best estate plan for married couples.


Including an Analysis of a Newly Proposed Law That—More Likely Than Not—Will Radically Change the Disposition of Your IRA and Retirement Plan After Your Death
We call the likely new law the “death of the stretch IRA.” But, as important as it is to understand the proposed law, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of the existing law first.
This DVD covers:
• The tax-savvy way to spend different classes of assets after retirement
• How to plan for your IRA and Roth IRA after your death under both the existing law and the proposed new law
• An explanation of the “death of the stretch IRA” or inherited IRA as we know it
• Critical action points you can act on now to help you reduce the damage if the law passes
Warning: The inherited IRA has been used for decades to increase wealth and save on taxes for future generations. Congress is planning to take away the tax advantages and the long-term potential for the growth of an inherited IRA for your children and grandchildren and turn it into a source of revenue for the government—rather than a lasting family legacy. Jim will walk you through these potential changes and discuss the best ways to work around them.
Many people underestimate the value of coordinating multiple strategies that, in concert, form a cohesive financial plan designed to yield the best results over time.
Among those decisions which require coordination are: timing your IRA distributions, your Roth IRA strategy, and your Social Security distributions.  Comprehensive planning, when done properly, can preserve your IRAs, retirement plan, and Roth IRAs long after you are gone.
James Lange has devoted a lot of energy to educating financial advisors and consumers about the strategies he has been using with his clients for decades.  He founded The Roth IRA Institute™ to provide financial professionals with the tools they need to educate their clients. For consumers, his two-hour workshop titled Cut Taxes on Your IRA Withdrawals: More Money for You and Your Heirs has been drawing record crowds for years.
Now, Jim wants to get this important information into the hands of all taxpayers. He realizes that people across the country are searching for these answers but are unable to travel to one of his workshops. They may want to see and hear, rather than just read about these strategies in Retire Secure! With that in mind, Jim is making his current live workshops available to everyone in a package that contains a DVD plus transcript.  With this DVD of the live workshop, you can learn from participant’s questions and Jim’s answers.