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James-Lange Best Deal of All Retirement Info Product

Get 4 DVDs for $197 and as our way of thanking you, we will include 3 bonus CDs!


When you purchase these 4 DVDs for $197 you’ll save $191 and get 3 bonus CDs for Free!”


The best deal of all gives you the solid foundation of knowledge you need to make the most of what you’ve got. The four DVDs included cover all the basics of estate planning, Social Security planning, and tax planning for Roth and Regular IRAs and retirement plans. All delivered to you straight from the expert, James Lange, with graphs, visuals, and detailed examples. The tips and techniques covered in these DVDs have saved Jim’s clients hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars over the years. Your family could enjoy those savings too.

Here is what you will learn:

Cut Taxes on Your IRA Withdrawals

    ● The tax-savvy way to spend different classes of assets after retirement
    ● How to make Roth IRA conversions for FREE with your non-deductible IRAs and retirement plans
    ● The advantages to you and your heirs of establishing your own one-person “Super K” 401(k) plan
    ● An explanation of “the death of the stretch IRA” or inherited IRA as we know it;
    ● How to plan for your Roth and Traditional IRAs under the existing laws and proposed new laws
    ● Critical action points you can act on now to help you reduce the damage if the new law passes

Enhanced Social Security Planning

    ● Fundamental peer-reviewed strategies to optimize Social Security benefits
    ● Advanced Social Security strategies for married couples
    ● How to optimize Social Security benefits for the spouse with a weaker earnings record
    ● How to increase Social Security benefits for your spouse after your death
    ● The math behind Roth IRA conversions, timing Social Security and why it is good for older married taxpayers with children and grandchildren

What Every IRA Owner Should Know About Roth IRAs and Roth IRA Conversions

    ● How to maximize your tax-free income with Roth IRA conversions
    ● Costs and benefits of a Roth IRA conversion
    ● The peer-reviewed math behind Roth IRA conversions and why it is good for seniors
    ● The impact of future tax increases and stock volatility
    ● Combining charitable gifts and Roth IRA conversions
    ● Tax-free conversions of after-tax dollars in IRA and retirement plans
    ● The synergy of optimal timing between Social Security and Roth IRA conversions
    ● Converting and recharacterizing for Roth IRAs

Who Says You Can’t Control From the Grave? Using Trusts to Protect Your Family

    ● Trusts as beneficiaries of your IRA, and/or other retirement plans, and if this planning is appropriate for you. If so, how can it be done?
    ● Avoiding probate: should you or shouldn’t you?
    ● Trusts for minors: “No Ferrari at 21!”
    ● The “I Don’t Want My No Good Son-in-Law to Inherit One Red Cent of My Money” Trust
    ● Trusts for special needs children and grandchildren.
    ● Tax motivated trusts, that include the cruelest trap of all for those with traditional wills
    ● Spendthrift trusts: how to protect challenging adult children from themselves

The Best of The Lange Money Hour: Where Smart Money Talks (Audio CD)

A compilation of Jim’s first 100 radio shows that cover some truly important topics discussed by some of our very best guests and the top experts in the country.

Using Nobel Prize Research to Maximize Your Investment (Audio CD)

In this CD, investment expert and author Paul Merriman, joins Jim to offer perspectives on index investing in general, and Dimensional Fund Advisors in particular. Paul has written numerous books on personal investing, including the classic, Financial Fitness Forever, and most recently, a series of free eBooks on investing. Money magazine cited his podcast, “Sound Investing for Excellence,” and he’s also a Retire Mentor and regular columnist for The Wall Street Journal’s “MarketWatch” blog. It’s always interesting when Paul and Jim get together and we know you will enjoy this CD and learn a lot!

Following an Efficient Strategy Produces Dividends (Audio CD)

For decades, financial advisors and mutual fund managers have focused primarily on outperforming various stock market indices. Moving forward, especially in the area of retirement planning, more attention is being paid to other factors that have been shown to individually and collectively provide better returns over the long run. This new measurement tool is referred to as Gamma.

During an information packed hour with new ideas and index investing strategies, P.J. and Jim discuss the elements of this new measurement tool, Gamma. For insights into how Gamma can make investing and retirement planning more successful for you, and your family Jim offers this bonus CD as a part of the Best Deal of All.